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Oct 18-19th Team Communication Training Held By Ju

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It was a nice weekend with sunshine, our team participated this wonderful team  in communication training held by Jucheng on Oct 18-19th, a two-days training mainly covers the misunderstanding of communication, detailed tricks should keep in mind when communicating, how to effectively communicate with your boss, colleague and subordinate. The lecturer Mr. Chen is really good at communication and the whole class is full of joy and laughter. But when you calm down, there are practical points we should learn and practice in daily life.


Communication is the key to your success—in relationships, in the workplace, as a citizen of your country, and across your lifetime. Your ability to communicate comes from experience, and experience can be an effective teacher, but this text and the related business communication course will offer you a wealth of experiences gathered from professional speakers across their lifetimes. You can learn from the lessons they’ve learned and be a more effective communicator right out of the gate.


Each boss has her own communication style. To be an efficient communicator, you must realize that communication is about the other person, not about you. To improve communication with your boss, pay attention to her preferred method of communication. Ask if she prefers in-person meetings or communication by email or telephone. Make an effort to understand if she favors detailed communication or wants you to summarize the situation, providing information on key points. When in doubt, don't be afraid to ask. It is also very important to think one step ahead of  your boss, like the lecture said, when your boss raises his left hand, you should provide a cigarette instead of a pen. And if you are just good enough to serve your boss in every way, you are the one going to be promoted.


The first rule in communication is to be an active listener. Through listening, you are able to find out the problems or the key points in this conversation and then you could raise a question to this point. Instead of worrying about what you are going to say next when you are in a sit-down meeting, pay attention and listen to what he/she says. Good listening skills help you understand and anticipate other's needs. Have a notepad handy to take notes when you are having an official meeting or talk about your work. By taking notes, you will remember more of the conversation. And taking notes also helps you to record the information which will be useful if you are going to prepare a presentation or show off your achievement in future. Personally, i think it is also important to keep a diary of your work, and one day your supervisor just asks you, what did you do in the last two month? If you have a diary, it could be as easy as open the diary and tell her. Diary could organize your life, work and stories together which would be the most precious treasure when we retire.


There are too many things in the training and we all have a good memory of the lecture. Trust this training will help us with better team communication and also personal development.

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