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JC Antenna attended INTERGEO 2023

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The 2023 INTERGEO German surveying and mapping exhibition was held in Messe Berlin in Oct.10-12, German time. This exhibition provides a very good communication platform for industry experts in geodesy, geographic information and high precision positioning. JC has brought many products and a new generation of high-precision positioning solutions to the INTERGEO stage, bringing a new high-precision positioning experience to the global geographic information industry.

INTERGEO is one of the world's largest and most authoritative surveying and geographic information exhibitions. The exhibition covers hardware and software products and technologies from geographic information survey and data processing to high-precision surveying and mapping, attracting tens of thousands of professionals and industry experts from all over the world to gather each year to discuss the latest developments and applications of geographic space technology.


At this exhibition, JC exhibited a number of independent innovative products and the latest generation of high-precision positioning solutions, presenting the latest technical achievements and product applications of JC to global customers, attracting the favor of many new and old customers.

After more than 20 years of profound precipitation, JC spared no effort in the research and development of IOT (Internet of Thing) technologies such as high-precision positioning, surveying and mapping and intelligent terminals, and gradually realized the seamless docking of IOT (Internet of Thing), ground network and sky network. Products are widely used in vehicle networking, electrical networking, surveying and mapping, aerospace and automatic driving and other fields. Through a series of cutting-edge scientific and technological innovations such as high-precision positioning, 5G communication and AI perception, it has created an unprecedented pan-terminal IOT (Internet of Thing) experience not only for JC, but also for industry customers around the world.


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